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About Sonder.

Our catch phrase is better together and we mean it.  We believe in bringing people together to share their stories.  We look at your story as where you currently are with your finances and where you want to be.  We help create a plan to get you to your financial goals.  We are passionate about working with all different backgrounds: creatives, business professionals, freelancers...the list goes on and on.  

We work with a team of professionals that help bring your financial goals to reality.  

There is never a "perfect" time or place to begin. We always believe that you should begin planning for the future now. We believe there are four financial stages of life:

We are a modern financial services firm that help you better understand how to be money savvy, create a financial game plan and achieve your financial goals.  We've made your understanding your finances simpler for our generation because the truth is, the earlier you start, the more successful you'll be - even if you start with nothing (or in the hole!).

Laura Donovan


(203) 966-2636 x2270


I created Sonder Financial to break out from the “old boys club” and  created a place where people of all different backgrounds, occupations, financial situations, life experiences, and unique stories all feel welcome.

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Eric Parker



Hey there! My name is Eric. Funnily enough, my career as an adviser began because of my love for theater and music. As a working actor, I came to realize that setting financial goals for myself not only enriched my personal life but...
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Katie Pesantez

Marketing Coordinator

Hello! I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Financial Management and now I will be the first in my family with a Masters (STEM) degree! I want to focus my future with my passion, that means intertwining my education and impacting...

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Paul Correa

Financial Professional

Hey, there! I began my career in Oil and Gas way back in 2004 and I moved up in various roles around the world. In the end, I realized that the work never fulfilled me and the only reason I stayed that long was because they kept paying...

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