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We live in a world where there are so many different stories that need to be told.  At Sonder Financial, we want to tell those stories. All are welcome. 

We’re united by some common values: a love of learning, giving back to our communities, taking care of each other, striving for the future & fighting for our causes. Because truly, we are better together.

Krystel Lucas

Actor and President of The NYU Graduate Acting Alumni Association

"Financial planning is not just about preserving my livelihood and making a way to pay my bills on time and have a functioning life, it's also working to not have my training in any way prevent me from being the artist that I want to be. I continue to look for different avenues to make sure that I'm spending money in smart ways and also finding ways to nurture my spirit and soul so I have joy in my heart."

Mary Rossi

Co-founder of The Financial Empowerment Workshops for Artists, Global Thinking Foundation US, @maryfvrossi

"My whole world revolves around finances and sharing that education aspect with people. It's extremely transformative to be able to be free and do exactly what you want to do in life which is why I work with Sonder. We believe in the same things when it comes to financial literacy and we also believe in that freedom to do what you want with your life."

Eddie Monroy


"Having help with financial planning gives me peace of mind and stability. You know that someone is there that's gonna back you up and you don't have to worry about it."

Savannah Frazier

Broadway Actor, Sonder Launch Headliner, Writer/Actor/Producer for the web series "Cuddle.", @cuddleseries

"I have to walk the line of saving money for my daily life and saving money for my art. It's really a check-in every week to see how I can best utilize this money for my spirit, but also my survival."

Chris Casserino

Actor, New Amsterdam NBC

"I make sure what needs to be taken care of is taken care of, and then that helps free space in my mind for the work - diving into a character. I think we can get easily distracted in our heads with worry. As an artist we need our minds and bodies to be put at ease to allow for inspiration. Financial advising and planning is vital if one doesn't already have the tools because an artist doesn't usually think that way."

Maureen Keleher and Andrew Puccio

"This is a great first step to make an imprint on my future. I'm eager to find out what it's all about while working with Sonder. When I first moved to New York, I hadn't had a chance to start saving money, so I'm excited to see this business continue to grow as I do the same. Let's see where it takes us." ~ Maureen Keleher

"We all know that we have to work day to day to make ends meet, and by financially planning we're hoping to get to something closer to the art and closer to the truth - to finance the kind of living where we can reach greatness and enjoy life." ~ Andrew Puccio

Danny Bristoll and Anessa Marie

Danny is a photographer at Dirty Sugar (@dirtysugar), Musical Theatre writer, and producer. Anessa is a musician and accompanied our Sonder Launch headliners.

"The word 'planning' in terms of finance is really hard as an artist because you never know what gig is gonna pay when. Some months I'm very busy, and some months it's completely dry. So for me, planning happens within a six month window where I at least know seasonally how things will balance out." ~ Danny Bristoll

Riley Thomas

Playwright, Composer, Producer (@rileythomaswriter)

"I want to make theater that leaves a real impact. I want to make change. And  change can't happen without money. It's as simple as that. As a producer and creator, I put equal energy into the work and the fundraising that allows it to go somewhere."

Katie LaMark

Actor (@katielamark), Co-Founder of 10th Haus Studios (@10thhaus)

"Artists have a completely different relationship to risk than any other type of person. While many people see risk as a negative, artists thrive off of it; they're willing to give themselves fully to what they're passionate about. The most important part of financial planning, for me, is separating artistic risk from financial irresponsibility. How can I be making smart investments to give my art the attention it deserves?"

Mackenzie Curran and Morgan Harrison

"With the instability of the career, financial planning is essential because you never know when you'll be without work. How do you continue to fund yourself while staying in line with your passion?" ~ Mackenzie Curran

"As an artist living paycheck to paycheck, you need to know how to plan ahead for all this big life moments. An artist needs [financial resources] especially." ~ Morgan Harrison, Actor

Paige Newman

Creative Marketing and Marketing Strategy Coordinator, HBO

"If you're a freelancer, you're kind of subject to whatever that next gig is going to be. It can feel like a second job just finding work. If you have financial plans in place, it take that stress off of it and gives you more of a roadmap."

Omri Bernstein

Software Engineer,

"Financial planning has served to make me feel comfortable about 10-15 years from now. That feeling is nice to have because I'm not somebody who likes to plan very far in advance. I don't need to know exactly what things will look like, but I need to know that it will be positive."

Sarah Quigley

52nd Street Project, @sarahjulietq

"It's important to find a way, once you find your path and patterns, to get settled. Being an artist, I think that automatically people will assume that we're 'starving artists'. I don't want to perpetuate it, but at the same time we don't have access to financial planning. 'We're not gonna teach you this'. And I don't feel like I ever was taught these things in depth because of the whole system. Sonder is filling a hole for the entire artistic community." 

Paul Pontrelli and Izzie Zuniga 

Paul is an accomplished actor and Izzie is an agent at Paradigm, @rocknroungwitizzie

"Financial planning isn't something I have right now and is absolutely something I need. I want to get to a place where I know exactly what I have so I can budget it. It's hard! Especially when you're freelancing and every month is different, I'm looking to have a better sense of what I'm doing." ~ Izzie Zuniga 

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*Laura Donovan does not provide financial planning services but does help her clients with achieving their financial goals.