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Consider what matters to you, and separate things into short, mid and long term goals. In order to achieve any of these goals think SMART. This means making your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Most importantly though you will need to create realistic budgets in order to accomplish everything you want to.

We’d say a short term goal is anything within the next 1 – 3 years: for example, treating yourself to a vacation, increasing balance of your savings account, finding a new apartment (goodbye roommates!). A Mid-term goal is something that can be achieved in a few years, maybe buying an apartment or house, planning a wedding, starting a business. Long term would be anything 10 – 15 years out: examples could be saving for college education for any children, saving for retirement.

Create goal charts! Write down specific financial goals that are SMART, decide if it is a short / long / mid term goal then make a timeline, determine how much money you would need to achieve this then separate it by month, and get it done!

It can be difficult to balance saving for short – mid – and long term goals all at the same time, and that’s where having a conversation with a trusted friend or adviser can help.

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