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Prep for an Interview

Great news, you have impressed the right person with your resume, and they would like to meet you for an interview! Now you need to prepare, because first impressions DO matter.

Step 1: do some digging into the company. Write down some questions you think they may ask you, such as: why you chose that company, why you think you’ll be a good fit, and practice your answers out loud. (Even better if you can practice with a friend.) Then write down 2 - 3 specific questions to ask the interviewer so they see that you care enough to conduct your own research.

Step 2: You need to act AND look the part. Confidence will go a long way, but so does having clean clothes (no wrinkles) and looking polished. Dress as though you were going to meet the CEO.

Day of:  show up on time (preferably a 10 – 15 minutes early) people respect punctuality! No gum chewing, and turn your phone on silent.

Prior to entering the building, consider having a pump up playlist that gives you energy & confidence,  a list of accomplishments your proud of (for you to read to yourself) or an inspiring quote or mantra & get in the right head space!

Inside: bring a firm handshake, at least four hard copies of your resume, a notebook, a pen, directions on how to get to the interview (what floor and office #), breath mints, briefcase to hold everything and your pre-written questions to ask.

Remember: you are awesome & you got this!

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