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What is an IRA?

Did you know that 42% of millennials have zero dollars saved towards retirement?1

The number one reason we hear many of our clients waited to get started … is they didn’t know how to start!

Does that sound familiar?

We get that it can seem overwhelming. Between paying off student loans, saving for other goals and then living expenses (rent, groceries, does ordering seamless for the 5th time this week count as a mandatory expense?) It’s easy to put off saving for something really really far away…right?

Not so much. The best way to be financially sound in the future is to start saving, now.

Work with a friend or go solo, and walk through your monthly cash flow. Where’s your money going each month, and how much comes in? If you’re a freelancer – what does a good, average, and less than good month look like? Make a list of what’s important to you – does your spending & savings habits line up with that?  Set goals. Start small. Enlist an accountability partner – maybe a close friend, or work with an adviser to help you stay on track with those goals.

Future You is counting on you to start saving, now.

1 CNBC, "A Growing Percentage of Millennials Have Nothing Saved", 2018

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