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With bills piling up and the cost of living becoming more unaffordable every day, it’s not surprising that over 50% of millennials alone have a side hustle1. And we’ve all heard success stories of people who turn their side hustles into successful, full-time careers. A side hustle can be a smart way to earn some extra cash, especially for people in new careers who haven’t reached their desired salary yet, or for someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, but doesn’t want to take the full leap yet!

Studies reveal that the most popular areas are in food service, child care, landscaping, construction and health & fitness, and crafts. Those with the most success are deeply passionate and committed to their idea. 

In theory a side hustle is a great idea, but it may not be great for everyone...before committing to the extra work consider a few things: Can you afford to start a business financially and time wise? If your side hustle is too draining, it might take away from your full time job & may not be worth the sacrifice. How committed are you to your vision? People commit to things they feel passionately about, so make sure you feel driven and excited by your plan.

Having a side hustle could be a good solution to help you transition financially from your current job to the life you want to build.

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