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Eric Parker

Eric Parker


Hey there! My name is Eric.

Funnily enough, my career as an adviser began because of my love for theater and music.

As a working actor, I came to realize that setting financial goals for myself not only enriched my personal life but empowered my creative work.  With this realization, I dove headfirst into learning more about financial wellness, sustainable practices, and strategies in saving for the future.  At the time, I considered this a means to an end.

While this new found knowledge allowed me to enjoy time spent working in the arts,  I quickly began to realize that the anxieties of “what happens next” were not mine alone & were in fact shared across my community and our broader generation. Too often, there’s a missing link between the dreams we hold for ourselves and the real-world solutions to reach them.  The distance between those can compound on itself for those in creative fields, who can feel they are going it alone - at least financially. It doesn't have to be this way. I got to know Laura and Dan first as artists and advisers, now colleagues and friends. I’m proud of what we’re committed to together.

Today, I enjoy learning what someone is most passionate about & how I can be a partner and cheerleader in what drives them forward.  I love working as a resource to my peers in the arts and across other fields who share the values that brought Sonder together: to live a life of impact, fight for what we believe in, and make our stories known.  No matter what your background, how you identify, who you love, we all deserve the resources to have our voices be heard.