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Save for Vacation

Wanderlust is real. And if you’re anything like us, there’s probably hundreds of places you want to travel to. But how to save and plan – so you can too can take those instaworthy pictures on your dream trip?

One of the easiest ways to get started is to open an account solely for travel / vacation. If you choose a high-yield savings account your money may even accrue a little bit while waiting for your vacation to come! Set a goal to save. Estimate how much you’d like to have for the trip, and the timeframe to determine a monthly savings goal. Allocate a bit of your paycheck towards that account every month. Consider your spending choices. Keep a picture of your travel destination inside your wallet where you’ll see it. When you purchase something that’s for fun - ask yourself if you rather have it or the trip. For example: would I rather buy this $25 candle that smells really good – or be exploring the city of London? If the candle wins – great. If London wins – transfer that $25 in your travel savings account instead.

Book your travel plans early for the best deals. Account for the unexpected in your travel budget. It might seem like a lot of work now, but it will definitely be worth it when you’re able to take that well deserved vacation in paradise.

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