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Our Sonder Story

Our group started all because of an idea.  An idea that broke away from the "norm" and "traditional" way of finance.  Our founder, Laura Donovan, saw that millennials and young professionals are experiencing different challenges than any of the other generations and the financial industry was not listening.

From the imbalance of cost of living to salary increases, to the exuberant amount of student loans and lack of financial knowledge, Laura and her team knew there was a need to specialize in working with millennials and young professionals in the Stamford, CT and Fairfield County area down to New York City.  

Laura and her team also have a unique connection to the entertainment and theatre industry.  Laura has a passion for the arts and found herself having unique conversation with artists, creators, and actors about how to balance their unique financial challenges while keeping their lifestyle intact.   

Sonder Financial's catch phrase is #bettertogether and it is true to their core.  


Our team of professionals are all part of Sonder because they believe in their motto: better together.

Meet the people behind Sonder.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The word "Sonder" means that everyone has a unique story - that includes us, as well.  When creating our brand, we knew we wanted to look and act different from all of the other "traditional" financial representatives that were still operating behind big mahogany desks.  

Our logo tells our entire story. 

We have aspects of New York City and the Stamford, CT area embedded around our logo while showing some of the creative individuals we have the pleasure to work with.  You can also see several different financial stages inside of our logo.  We are a completely inclusive team and support our community and, most importantly, believe in our community.  

It is our passion to support through helping you achieve you financial goals. 

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Ready to get started with the Sonder team

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