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How We Work

Straightforward Subscriptions

*No Account Minimums

What is Included


Single-  $75/month

Couple- $100/month

cover 3 topics with meetings every 2 - 3 weeks; then quarterly meetings

Pioneer Topics Include:

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

  • Review of Retirement Accounts

  • Review of Investments / Investing 101

  • Basic Retirement Strategy & Best Practices

  • How to Purchase a Home

  • Pay Off Debt / Student Loans

  • Starting a Family

  • Planning for a Wedding

  • Combining Finances with a Significant Other

  • Life, Disability, Long Term Care & Workplace Benefits Review

  • Planning for Aging Parents / Family

  • Receiving an Inheritance / Lump Sum of Money

  • Education Funding

  • Building an Emergency Fund

  • Credit Scores / Credit Cards


Single-  $125/month

Couple- $150/month

cover 5 - 6 topics with meetings every 2 - 3 weeks; then quarterly meetings

Catalyst Topics Include:

  • Any of the Pioneer Topics


  • Customized Retirement Income Planning

  • Stock Options / RSU Plan Review

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies


Starts at $250/month

Customized Process

cover 3 - 7 topics with meetings every 2 - 8 weeks; then quarterly meetings

Trailblazer Topics Include:

  • Any of the Pioneer & Catalyst Topics


  • Estate Planning Review

  • Organization of Estate Assets

  • Other Advanced Topics

What to Expect

Educational Approach

Clear, understandable explanations to help you learn and grow your financial knowledge.

Transparent Communication

Open, honest discussions about your financial situation and the strategies we recommend.

Holistic Perspective

Considering all aspects of your life to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive financial strategy.

Genuine Care and Support

We truly care about your well-being and are committed to supporting you in achieving your financial goals.

What to NOT Expect

Judgment or Criticism

No judgmental attitudes or criticism about any of your goals, what you spend money on, or past financial decisions

Disrespectful Communication

You won't experience condescending explanations or "mansplaining"; we communicate respectfully and ensure you fully understand without any patronizing.

One-Time Advice

Our support doesn't end after one meeting; we provide ongoing guidance and check-ins.

Top-Down Decision-Making

We don't dictate your financial choices; we collaborate to reach decisions that align with your values and goals.

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