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How we help

Feel amazing about your finances.


Forget what you think you know about financial professionals because we do things a bit differently here. We make it easy for you to get your financial life organized and stay on track to reach your next goal. We believe financial advice should be available and affordable to all.  

We understand that navigating the world of finance can be overwhelming, with complex concepts and jargon that may seem like a foreign language. That’s what we are here for. Our judgment-free environment allows you to feel comfortable asking questions, seeking clarification, and sharing your concerns. We take a holistic approach, recognizing that financial literacy extends beyond just budgeting and saving. We delve into various areas such as investing, credit management, retirement planning, and more.

Work with a team of professionals who are accessible and ready to cheer you on.

Our Process


Easily reach us, track your progress towards your goals, and get answers as situations arise. We believe it should be convenient to work with a financial coach.


Our pricing and processes aren’t cloaked in secrecy. We prioritize your needs and only recommend what is best for you. We offer straightforward subscription plans.


That’s right. Finances don’t have to be a pain! You can feel good knowing you have on-going support from a caring professional who will also help you stay accountable

Straightforward Subscriptions


Your monthly fee gives you access to financial advice on how to coordinate and organize all aspects of your financial life. Our goal is not just to help you manage day-to-day finances, but also to assist you in creating a roadmap for your future. We will cover debt, savings, cash flow, investments, risks, retirement, and more. And by offering on-going consultation services we are able to adapt the plan as your life and needs change. So, no need to worry about out-growing an outdated plan.

What to expect?

We aren’t sales people, we are financial puzzle solvers.

We will walk you through a holistic process to get a deep understanding of your finances and customize a plan to reach the milestones that are important to you. 

Discovery and Plan


  • Series of meetings with your team (usually 5-7 meetings)

  • Analysis and organization of your finances

  • Build out personal financial roadmap

  • Strategies to make your money work harder for you

  • Access to your online financial dashboard 

Track and Review


  • Quarterly check-ins with Sonder Financial

  • Ongoing access to your team for questions as they pop up – Email, phone, and online availability!

  • Regular financial insights and updates from Sonder 

  • Quarterly client events and webinars

Don’t put finances on the back burner

Let’s dive in and make money an enjoyable part of your life. 


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