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Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals are all part of Sonder because they believe in their motto: better together.

Meet the people behind Sonder.

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Laura Donovan

Founder &


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Laura Donovan

Founder & President

Hi, I'm Laura and so excited to virtually meet you! 

I got my start as a financial professional somewhat by chance-  at the time, I was working with non-profits & theaters (still a major passion of mine) and a family friend suggested I explore finance as a career.  At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but as I came to learn more about what a career in financial services meant, it fit all of the things I already loved. Connecting with people, hearing their stories, getting excited about goals for the future and mapping out a way (at least financially) to help them get there.  I've been in this industry for over five years and love working with my clients and helping people take control of their finances.  

I am also a bit of a trailblazer.  Currently, the average age of financial professionals is 50, only 16% of them are women and only 10% of those women are under the age of 35.*  So as a woman, under the age of 35 - I am proud to be helping break down barriers and create my own unique path in finance. 

I created Sonder Financial because I wanted to break free of the "old boys club" and start my own.  A place where people of all different backgrounds, occupations, financial situations, life experiences and unique stories all feel welcome.  Where we are united by common values - a love of learning, giving back, take care of each other striving for the future and fighting for causes we care about.  Because, we are better together.  

I am always here for a 15 minute phone call - you can schedule a time with me here

*Source: InvestmentNews.com, "Beware the gap coming in the number of financial advice professionals"


Eric Parker

Seminar Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Eric.

Funnily enough, my career as an adviser began because of my love for theater and music.

As a working actor, I came to realize that setting financial goals for myself not only enriched my personal life but empowered my creative work.  With this realization, I dove headfirst into learning more about financial wellness, sustainable practices, and strategies in saving for the future.  At the time, I considered this a means to an end. 

While this new found knowledge allowed me to enjoy time spent working in the arts,  I quickly began to realize that the anxieties of “what happens next” were not mine alone & were in fact shared across my community and our broader generation. Too often, there’s a missing link between the dreams we hold for ourselves and the real-world solutions to reach them.  The distance between those can compound on itself for those in creative fields, who can feel they are going it alone - at least financially. It doesn't have to be this way. I got to know Laura and Dan first as artists and advisers, now colleagues and friends. I’m proud of what we’re committed to together.

Today, I enjoy learning what someone is most passionate about & how I can be a partner and cheerleader in what drives them forward.  I love working as a resource to my peers in the arts and across other fields who share the values that brought Sonder together: to live a life of impact, fight for what we believe in, and make our stories known.  No matter what your background, how you identify, who you love, we all deserve the resources to have our voices be heard. 



Paul Correa

Financial Professional

Hey there! My name is Paul.

I enjoy working with young professionals who are predominantly struggling with student loan debt but have want to plan for their future.  I understand the challenges when it comes to thinking about your financial future and want you to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and not feel overwhelmed during the process. I have seen firsthand how it is possible to carry loan debt while creating a secure retirement plan.  My clients have typically pursued their masters and doctorate degrees, which has given a percentage of them a later start on planning for their financial future.  It is crucial to protect what you’ve built – for yourself and also for those depending on you.  


I want to help you have a clear vision of your retirement and what it takes to get there.  I look at the entire picture while listening to your financial goals.  I hold an MBA from the University of Glasgow and currently reside in the Norwalk, CT area with my wife and adoring pets.


Ready to get started with the Sonder team

Katie Pesantez

Marketing Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Katie.

I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Financial Management and now I will be the first in my family with a Masters (STEM) degree! I want to focus my future with my passion, that means intertwining my education and impacting the world positively.


I’m excited to be apart of Sonder Financial and create a new vision of what it means to do finance in the modern day. When I have time between work and projects, I enjoy traveling, playing table tennis, hiking with my pup Buddy, and doing yoga. 


Better Together.

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New York, New York 10016

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Wilton, CT 06897

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