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Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals are all part of Sonder because they believe in their motto: better together.

Meet the people behind Sonder.

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Laura Donovan

Founder & President

Hi, I'm Laura and so excited to virtually meet you! 

I got my start as a financial professional somewhat by chance-  at the time, I was working with non-profits & theaters (still a major passion of mine) and a family friend suggested I explore finance as a career.  At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but as I came to learn more about what a career in financial services meant, it fit all of the things I already loved. Connecting with people, hearing their stories, getting excited about goals for the future and mapping out a way (at least financially) to help them get there.  I've been in this industry for over five years and love working with my clients and helping people take control of their finances.  

I am also a bit of a trailblazer.  Currently, the average age of financial professionals is 50, only 16% of them are women and only 10% of those women are under the age of 35.*  So as a woman, under the age of 35 - I am proud to be helping break down barriers and create my own unique path in finance. 

I created Sonder Financial because I wanted to break free of the "old boys club" and start my own.  A place where people of all different backgrounds, occupations, financial situations, life experiences and unique stories all feel welcome.  Where we are united by common values - a love of learning, giving back, take care of each other striving for the future and fighting for causes we care about.  Because, we are better together.  

I am always here for a 15 minute phone call - you can schedule a time with me here

*Source:, "Beware the gap coming in the number of financial advice professionals"

Ready to get started with the Sonder team

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