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A Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

Weddings are a time for jubilation and love. Unfortunately, this is not how our pockets feel after an entire week or so of festivities that might including air travel, hotel rooms, new outfits and many more potential expenses.

The average wedding guest spends about $888 per wedding. This is simply as a guest, as bridesmaids and groomsmen average about $1,200 (CNN Money).

Here are a few quick ways to budget for wedding season and still have a great time celebrating the newlyweds.

Use travel alerts

There are plenty of great apps that notify you when a flight is at the lowest price. Since air travel can be pricey, finding the best value is important. Set up travel alerts for trustworthy airlines and make sure to check every day for new deals. Planning in advance also helps a lot, as it is likely that the price will be significantly lower than if you were to wait.

Take a look at Google Flights - they will do the work for you!

Book a hotel room with friends

Much like living in an apartment or house with a roommates, getting a hotel room with someone else will decrease the total cost that is coming out of your pocket. The more people you can get to room with you, the less you will have to pay while still having the same hotel room experience.

Another idea is to keep looking for hotel deals even after your initial hotel room has been booked. This gives you the chance to find another room for cheaper and maybe even without having to split it with someone else. Many hotels allow cancellations up to 2 days before your stay, so you can look for a new hotel room up until then.

You can even consider an AirBnb situation, where you have a large group of people and split a house close to the venue. This will give everyone their space, a fun experience and still wont miss any of the wedding festivities.

Find money efficient clothing to wear

Between a rehearsal dinner, the wedding and potentially the next day send-off brunch, you want to look your best! And sometimes, that comes with a pretty penny. Consider renting your outfit through Rent The Runway or another rental service where you get the upscale look at a fraction of the price. Another idea is to ask a friend that shares your style and size to borrow something from their wardrobe - they would most likely only want credit on social media for your amazing look and will enjoy helping a friend out!


Most weddings have a registry and a new trend is a lot of couples are asking for money for their honeymoon or another big expense like a down payment on a house. When purchasing a gift, always try to look for a coupon or discount code that you can apply to the product. Apps, like Honey, are great because they automatically scan websites and tell you if there are any discounts that you can use. This can be a complete game changer and be an innovative option. In addition, make sure to scan your favorite Instagram influencer's page. Companies work with them and give them specific discount codes to share with their audience - and all you have to do is swipe up.

When you get the Save the Date for the wedding, make sure to create a budget and start thinking how much attending the wedding will cost. When you put together a plan, make sure to identify how much money you want to save each month for the wedding. Typically, Save the Date's come out a year before the wedding - which gives you enough time to plan accordingly.

Remember, you are being invited to the wedding because the couple wants you to be there to celebrate their big day. They will not be concerned where you got your outfit from or if you used a coupon to get them something off of their registry. Set your plan, stay accountable and have a great time. Make sure to have a slice of cake for us!

Source: CNN Money, "Here's How Much it Costs to Be a Wedding Guest"

For Educational Purposes Only – Not to be relied upon as financial, tax, or legal advice. The views expressed are those of the author/presenter and all data is derived from sources believed to be reliable.

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