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Laura Donovan

 Hey - I’m Laura. So excited to virtually meet you!


I got my start as a financial advisor somewhat by chance – at the time, I was working with non-profits & theaters (still a major passion of mine) and a family friend suggested I explore financial advising. At first I thought it was crazy, but as I came to learn more about what a what makes a great financial advisor, I realized those same skills were all things I love to do! Connecting with people, hearing their stories, getting excited about goals for the future, and then mapping out a way (at least financially) to help get there. I’ve been at it for five years now, and love working with my clients, both old and new.

I also enjoy being a bit of a trailblazer! Currently, the average age of advisors is 50, only 16% of advisors are women & just 10% of are under the age of 35.

So as a woman, under the age of 35 - I’m proud to be helping break down barriers!

I created Sonder Financial because as someone so not in the “old boys club” I wanted to create my own kind of “club”:  A place where people of all different backgrounds, occupations, financial situations, life experiences, and unique stories all feel welcome.  Where we’re united by some common values: a love of learning, giving back to our communities, taking care of each other, striving for the future & fighting for our causes. Because truly, we are better together.

Can’t wait to hear your story!






Favorite Animal:

I love too many! Foxes are #1 right now.


Favorite City to visit:

New Orleans, LA


Guilty pleasure food:

Girl Scout Tagalong cookies


Favorite childhood book:

all the Nancy Drew books


Interesting Fact:

Lived in Ufa, Russia one summer! (bonus points if you can find that on a map!)  


Citation: "Only 16% of Advisors Are Women: Cerulli", ThinkAdvisor 2017